Allow your customers to collect local currency at a Western Union agent location from their stored value account or wallet.

Customer Journey

Customer opts to collect value from his stored value account in-person at a Western Union location.


Partner sends the access value from account instruction to Western Union; Western Union responds back with the payment reference number and QR Code.


Partner presents customer with the amount to be collected at WU, QR Code and Reference Number.


Customer visits a Western Union location and presents the Western Union agent the QR Code/Reference number.


Customer provides required identification information. The Western Union agent pays out the customer and provides a receipt.


Western Union notifies partner about the status of the disbursement.


Key Benefits

  1. The robust Western Union robust compliance ecosystem
  2. Customer follows a quick, easy and streamlined process to complete in-person funds disbursement
  3. Real-time payment disbursement notification
  4. Access to the Western Union global retail agent network
  5. Performance analytics
  6. Daily settlement

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