Process Overview

Western Union’s Partnership APIs were created to allow our business partners to meet the transfer and payment needs of their emerging customer segments, expanding their reach by offering new product opportunities to a broader customer audience.

Implemented as a series of REST services, our Partnership APIs make it easy to start building your own custom applications today which utilize Western Union’s expansive ecosystem of capabilities. Follow the five simple steps below to quickly take your project from idea to reality.

Step 1 : Enrollment

The first step in getting started with our APIs is to enroll in the Western Union Partnership Program. Enrollment is quick and easy. Simply contact us and one of our Partnership Specialists will assist you with getting your account provisioned.


As part of the enrollment process, our Partnership Specialist will provide you with your API Key which will be used across all of our API methods in your Sandbox environment.

Sandbox text environment

Our Partnership Specialists will also create a dedicated sandbox environment for you to test during your development cycles. This sandbox environment is a real production-like system dedicated to your account.

Step 2 : Development

Develop your application at your own pace using the API documentation contain here on our portal and your API Key to call the APIs provisioned for you in your dedicated sandbox environment. Our staff of Partnership Specialists and community forums are always there to support you should any questions arise.

Step 3 : Certification

Once you’re ready to go live with your application, our Partnership Specialists will assist in testing and monitoring your application within the sandbox environment to ensure that it meets our quality standards prior to launching live into production. Certification is a valuable service we provide to help maximize the success of your application.

Step 4 : Prepare for Go Live

Once certification has been completed, you will receive all the information required for you to integrate into our production systems, including a production-only API Key, production endpoint URLs, and our Production Support and Operations contact information.

Step 5 : Go Live

Your application can now be published to your end customers and utilize our production systems.

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