The Partnership APIs are implemented as REST services and conform to normal RESTful conventions such as HTTP Methods in requests, standard HTTP status codes in replies, and idempotency.

HTTP Methods

The specific HTTP Method, primarily POST or GET, will be documented within each individual API method

HTTP Status Codes

The primary status codes returned from the APIs will fall within the following categories:

  • 200 series : success
  • 400 series : client error
  • 500 series : server error

Additional details about the error will be returned within the body of the response for most non-success responses.


Authentication with the Partnership APIs is through an API key passed in the HTTP header of each request using the header name of apiKey.

POST /orders/18b84d7a-f982-47fe-beec-6798ca673ad2/void HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json
apiKey: 7a844062-0759-4565-9cfa-8a7c4fd41eba


All API requests and responses are encrypted at the transport layer via HTTPS with TLS 1.2.

Field level encryption within the messages is done using asymmetric public key encryption. Details on specific field level encryption requirements are noted within the specification of each individual API method.

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